Core Values

Under the Authority of Scripture
Pastor Don teaches each Sunday from the Bible, often verse by verse seeking to apply the timeless lessons and principles of God's Holy Word to the circumstances we face in life. The Rock believes in the infallibility of God's Word, and that everything we do and every choice we make should be consistent with and under the authority of Scripture. 

Led by the Holy Spirit
Jesus clearly instructed that after His ascension another One of the same kind would come Who would lead His followers into all truth. As the early church so vividly displayed, The Rock seeks to live by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

Preaching & Teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ
The Rock believes that preaching and teaching should not be reserved to the pastor but that the whole church needs to be about the Great Commission as given by Jesus Christ and seeking to present the saving Good News of Jesus Christ to all those who God brings across our path.  

Accepting the Ongoing Challenge & Joy of Following Jesus
Just as Jesus commanded us to share the Good News, He also commanded us to make disciples. The Rock has a passion to grow committed followers of Jesus Christ through the study of God's Word, prayer, worship and living life together.

Taking Time for Authentic Community 
Life is hard. Challenges will always be with us. God designed church community to bring encouragement to His followers. The Rock is committed to developing avenues to promote community within The Rock and seeks to invite the community members of Carstairs and Mountain View County to join them in building meaningful relationships.